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Life Coaching Process

Life Coaching process

Life Coaching process

Life Coaching process:
Life Coaching Process.  My Coaching philosophy is based on the belief that you are whole and possess the skills and talents to meet your goals.  On average, my clients experience measurable and sustainable results(along with increased confidence and clarity) within 4-6 sessions.  Ongoing change and elimination of bad habits is time consuming and can take 6 months+; depending on how ingrained your habits are.

1) Free 30 minute consultation. What are your coaching needs?  Are you coach-able? Are you committed to helping yourself?

2) Coaching session #1– Rapport building and information gathering- build circle of trust and support to foster true change.  I will ask you some basic, but probing questions to get you in the mindset of being coached.  Re-frame negative thoughts/patterns that may be holding you back.

3) Coaching session #2-Continue rapport building-analyze 6 Major Life Categories to determine levels of satisfaction and fulfillment.  This tool will show where in your life you may be feeling unfulfilled or lacking in desire.

***We measure your attitude and feelings about these various arenas of your life:

1) Professional

2) Financial-your attitude towards money


4) Relationships

5) Emotional


4) Coaching session #3-Assess Life Category scores(get a measured average) as to detect your unfulfilled areas.  Bring out your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

*Discover roadblocks and methods to remove them.  Practical exercises and focused questions done between sessions***

5) Coaching session #4-Measure progress since first session and current status in regards to satisfaction with Life Categories.  Start the process of honing in on your biggest blocks and construct an action plan and/or your goal-objective setting process.  I will give you focused questions and exercises in between each session to keep you motivated; and ensure that you are an active participant in your own change.  Hopefully, after this session, you will feel empowered and motivated to own your growth process.

Future sessions:

*Review action plans and adjust as needed for your objectives.  

*Work as a team to pinpoint your results and celebrate them!

*Review habits and time-management skills 

***Removing roadblocks involves different time frames per client.  Much will depend on how long and ingrained your negative roadblocks or habits are. Approach depends on your specific learning style and how you assimilate information.

“Habits change into character.”



You can prepay for a bundle once your first session is booked.  Thank you.