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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q:  What is Life Coaching?

A: My Life Coaching process involves helping you to define the areas in your life that are not fulfilled.  I look at the big picture of your life and facilitate your process, in removing personal and professional roadblocks that are holding you back from thriving.  After your big picture begins to emerge,then we can hone in on the details and action plans to make your dreams reality.

Q: How many sessions does it take to help me build confidence and achieve my goals?

A: Coaching is an ongoing and dynamic process.  It depends.  Everyone learns and moves at a different pace.  Generally, most clients improve clarity and direction of their objectives within 4-8 sessions. It takes 2-3 months for new habits and goals to begin to take shape.

Q: What are the benefits of having email support between sessions?

A: To help keep you in the “coaching” mindset and connected to your progress, email support will include: notes from previous session, focused questions and exercises to prepare for your upcoming sessions.  Also, it helps to keep your momentum going for future goals and action plans.

Q: I am already organized, smart and educated.  Why do I need a coach to help me set goals?

A: A supportive coach can give you 100% unbiased, objective guidance and feedback.  You will accomplish more with greater detail and clarity;with the help of a coach than you would by yourself.  Your family and friends can not offer you complete unbiased help.  In some instances, they may not want you to progress or grow.

Q:   What is the need for an initial consultation?
A: Your consultation(about 30 minutes) will help you understand my methods as a coach.  We can determine if we are a good match to begin your coaching process.  Generally, people who are open to change benefit the most from my coaching methods.

Q: What coaching services are available?
A: I offer a 30 minute FREE consultation, $59 for a 30 minute coaching session, $99 for a 60 minute coaching session.  See our Coaching Bundles page for more details and information.  Also, I can create a personalized system for you(Monthly or Seasonal plans).  Please contact me for an estimate.

Q: I am a Senior citizen or Unemployed; do I receive a discount?
A: Yes.  For those under 27 or over 55 or who are unemployed, you can receive both pay-as-you-go and bundle discounts.  Ask for current pricing.

Q:  What can I expect from my natal/birth chart reading?
A: You can expect a personalized, detailed analysis of how your natal chart influences your personality and the decisions you make.  Understanding your star chart can empower you to make decisions that impact your life.

Q: If I purchase a Natal Chart synopsis, will the content come from a generic computer program?
A: No! You will receive a personal, tailored report to your unique chart.  Your report will be 2-3 pages or 1 page depending on what report you purchase.