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Hiring the right Life Coach

| May 1, 2018 | Reply

Hiring the right Life Coach(updated 5.1.18)

Hiring the right Life Coach

Hiring the right Life Coach

Professional Life Coach and Career skills builder 
Get the right chemistry with your Coach! 

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Chemistry is the most important factor in a Coaching relationship! Find the right one! 

What is the need?

Why do you need a Life Coach? Why do you need a Career Coach? You might be saying, “I’m smart”, “I’m educated”, “I’m organized”…what is the need? Hiring the right coach for you can be a very beneficial investment.

Hiring the right Life Coach takes patience and an open mind.  Coaches vary greatly in terms of background, skills, style and approach.  When you speak with a Coach, you will quickly figure out if he/she is a good fit for you.  Two brains are better than one.  Brainstorming with a Coach will yield better results than setting goals on your own.

A successful Life coaching relationship comes down to personal chemistry with your Coach; and your own willingness to participate.  A truly effective coach will gently, but firmly push you out of your comfort zone.When I coach my clients, I push them to examine their interests and motivations in an authentic and honest manner.


I don’t provide definitive answers about what someone should do. Two-way chemistry comes into play when beginning the coaching process.  You and your Coach should feel a comfortable exchange of ideas; but with a healthy level of challenge or in some cases, fruitful tension.Here are some useful criteria for helping you to choose:

Do your research.  Be aware and open-eyed in your search for a coach.


The Vancouver based Life Coaching directory site, is a great resource for finding the right coach for your needs.  The site is user-friendly and allows you to search by state or specialty.  It is free to use the search functions.

Check LINKEDIN profiles and other Social media hubs: Twitter and Facebook.  You may be able to find reviews and recommendations that will be invaluable.Check credentials It is important to check a coach’s credentials and work/career background.  What kind of skill set do they have?

Companies that offer coaching studies vary in regards to their methodology and mission;how do they want to help others? In addition to training, a coach’s personality and unique approach is just as important as certifications, degrees, etc…The bottom line is do you feel a warm and workable vibe with your new coach?

Style and Approach

Determine a coach’s approach.  Life Coaches study all different types of programs and systems.  Some coaches are more holistic or spiritual in nature; whilst others embrace a more aggressive and straightforward approach.   Elements of psychology, sociology, mind-body connection, among others are employed in a coach’s modus operandi.

Look for the righty synergy.  Chemistry is everything when hiring a consultant or professional of any type.  It doesn’t matter the price, if you don’t trust your new coach.  Look for communication and listening style: does your coach employ a confrontational method? Perhaps you want a gentler, more nurturing type of coach.

Finding the right balance to help you make changes is the key.Look for a free or obligation-free consultation. This works both ways: you have the opportunity to find out if your coach will be a good match, while they can get a better sense of your particular needs. For coaching to be successful; commitment to the client’s goals should be a top priority.Be as honest and forthcoming as possible.


The more information you give your coach, the easier it will be to discuss how coaching will help you in meeting your objectives.  Are you comfortable with the phone or SKYPE? Do you only want to have an in-person session with a coach nearby? Look for a good value.

In this strained and weak economy, it is vital that you look for a good value.  Life Coaches charge a full range of prices for their services: prices can run from $50-$300 per hour(and more!).  If a coach’s fees are very high, that could be a red flag.  Conversely, the lowest price could be a sign of an incompetent consultant.   Perhaps he/she is the best in their field and worth the money.

Find out what you get for your money and time.  Consequently, if a coach’s fees are dirt cheap; it is probably too good to be true.  Use your best judgement to find the right value for your budget.  Generally, it is wise to look for a coach with the right style for you, combined with a middle of the road price scale. Manage your assumptions. What do you want from your coach? Don’t assume that all coaches are the same in their approach.

Trust your gut

Be somewhat cautious if you don’t feel that your new coach is ethical.  However, keep an open mind; for coaching to get you to the next level…you must be willing to adjust your habits.  Change is not easy, but it is a good thing.

Trust your hunches when hiring your new guide; look beyond price and a coach’s background.  Chemistry is important and will ensure you stick to your Coaching project(s).

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Hiring the right Life Coach

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