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Client feedback

Client feedback

“Jeff guided me to more confidence in making tough decisions, I have made connections in Hollywood and will pursue my dream of composing musical soundtracks”

Alex N.-Haddam, CT-Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Music Studio owner

“Jeff helped me achieve personal and professional growth via a casual, comfortable coaching environment; I enjoyed the open-ended exercises which allowed me to spur forth my willingness to be introspective.  I secured a job during Jeff’s supportive coaching!” “10 out of 10 overall experience”

Tyler N.- West Haven, CT- Graphic design graduate, visual arts enthusiast


“Jeff is very professional, caring and friendly. He sincerely cares about his clients and speaks to their individual needs. I felt very encouraged and optimistic after his coaching to pursue my goals.”

Louise L.- Social Services Professional-Retired, Community organizer, Old Lyme, CT

“Jeff helped me greatly with time management and realizing what my daily habits are” “This experience really helped my business!”
Joe M.- Small business owner and entrepreneur, Avon, CT
“Jeff has helped me communicate my goal(s) and identify my weaknesses and turn them into strengths…superlative service! 10 out of 10! 
~Jason H.- Non-Profit Professional, aspiring entrepreneur, Meriden, CT
Good, helps me in areas of time management and focus/concentration…helps me prioritize and make effort to be aware of how I spend my time.”
~Suriani H.- CPA/Auditor and Business Entrepreneur, Milford, CT
“My benefits and results: They were fine…Excellent service.  Jeff was courteous and professional.  Jeff was accurate and skillful.”
~ Ms. Elizabeth C.- Retired, Albany, NY
“Confirmation of things I already felt.” …”I would consult Jeff again in the future”
~ Debra W. Entrepreneur, Mortgage expert, TN
“As a Senior, I was not sure that Life Coaching was necessary or desirable for me.  But it seemed that I should have a plan for my golden years.  Jeff made me feel very comfortable and tactfully asked probing questions to assist me in clarifying my values and goals, after which I felt like I had a viable plan. Jeff followed up our initial session with a very well
written Vision statement which reflected my values and goals, and
an affirmation for me to use on a daily basis.  This was a very
powerful statement, which helped me to move along in my process.”
~ Carolyn, CT
“Jeff is an intelligent, sensitive, and thoughtful person.  I am so appreciative of all the guidance he has offered me and am impressed with his life coaching techniques.  I highly recommend Jeff’s services to anyone seeking a Life Coach.”
~ CL, CT
Jeff did readings for several people at a party we had at work. Everyone was amazed at how Jeff’s reading fit them personally. I like following Jeff’s blog to get the “Astral weather forecast”! I and several others will continue to use Jeff’s services to help keep our lives on an even keel.
~ Mary Ann M., Shelton, CT
“Jeff’s reading was incredibly accurate and when I was at a transitional point in my life, the insights he gleaned from my chart helped me to regroup, take stock of my life and move forward in a positive way”.
~ Karen G., Brooklyn, NY
“I had an Astrology reading with Jeff Monachelli today and I have to say I was very impressed.  He is very insightful, intelligent, informative, and easy to talk to.  He has a great deal of knowledge of astrology and is very passionate about it.  He really summed up my personality and gave me insights into life events.  Jeff is also very reassuring and kind.  I highly recommend him to anyone!                                                                                                                                
~ Judy S., Stratford, CT
“Thank you!!! Awesome reading…I can’t get over my Capricorn Moon cusp!!!! It makes so much sense!!! I really appreciate your insight!!”
~ Mara S., Wallingford, CT
“I want to thank Jeff for his reading/analysis.  Since I was born on the cusp of two signs, it offered a challenge for analyzing what seems like conflicting signs.  Jeff found the balance.  He offered a clear analysis and explanation of my life and personality.  He provides great detail in a very readable and relevant form and even offers meaningful advice.  I highly recommend this experience”.
~ Chuck L., Lyme, CT
Jeff’s knowledge of Astrology is impressive.  He uses Astrology as a means to understanding people and everyday events.  I have found his insights and descriptions extremely effective.  I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.
~ Carrie, CT